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The All-inclusive ERP system for not-so-big business

Big businesses have been using large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for years. Without an ERP system, many large businesses can’t function. The ERP system helps manage their information and processes, find new customers, keep old customers, manage stock efficiently, streamline manufacturing, reduce costs.

The benefits of an ERP system justify the historically high costs, for those that can afford it. But until recently, high costs have kept full-featured and flexible ERP systems out of the reach of most businesses, businesses that can’t afford hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per year.

Cut-down ERP systems at lower prices have been available to smaller businesses for a few years, but they come with corresponding cut-down features and flexibility. If an ERP system has been pruned and homogenised to fit a price point, it is limited and difficult to fit into your business.

Bonsai ERP applies the advantages of Open Source software to bring the cost of a complete ERP system down so it is affordable for not-so-big businesses like yours.

Read about what Bonsai ERP ™ can do to help make your business more efficient, and why it is different to other ERP systems for not-so-big business.