Controlling Communication with Customers

Some customers may state they do not want to receive any further information from your business. Others might be happy for you to ring or fax them, but do not want to receive email. If you do not follow their wishes, you can generate ill-feeling which is, of course, not good for your business.

Bonsai ERP ™ records not only a customer’s contact details, but also their preferences for “cold-calls” (solicitation) via each communication type. So you can easily record that one customer does not wish to receive emails, while another does.

Emails sent to customers using Bonsai ERP ™ can be labelled as “solicitations”, and then will not be sent to email addresses that have been marked as not accepting solicitations.

When a customer service representative looks up a customer’s telephone number, they can see whether that customer has indicated they are unwilling to accept solicitations via telephone, and perhaps contact them via another pathway if that is more appropriate to their message.