Cross-sell and Up-sell

You may be providing less service to your customers than you could, and hence reducing your sales opportunities, if you are not using cross-selling and up-selling.

If sales staff or the customer cannot easily determine which products complement those being purchased, or which of the more advanced products might be more useful to the customer than the one they are about to buy, then you are missing opportunities.

Bonsai ERP ™ can be taught which of your products complement each other, and which might be more suitable for a customer in what circumstances. This could mean that:

  • A sales representative creates a draft order in Bonsai ERP ™, while consulting with a customer
  • Bonsai ERP ™ checks the products making up the draft order and what products that customer has previously ordered, and looks for other products that might complement the order or better suit that customer. If any are found, they are suggested as alternatives or replacements.
  • The sales representative notes Bonsai ERP’s recommendations, and suggests them to the customer.
  • The customer changes their order.
  • The customer receives products they will be happier with, and hence they feel very happy with the good advice and service they received.
  • Your business has received more income from this customer than it otherwise would have.

Bonsai ERP’s ecommerce support can also assist with cross-selling and up-selling of products via a web site store front, by suggesting appropriate alternative or additional products to the customer at the time of checkout.