Document Creation

Businesses typically generate a lot of documents in the course of doing business. Some of the more common documents include:

  • invoices
  • receipts
  • purchase orders
  • shipping labels
  • courier shipping documentation
  • inventory labels
  • customer communications

plus many more.

Bonsai ERP ™ can automatically generate many of these and other documents, saving your staff the effort of repeatedly filling in the same forms or editing the same documents. A small number of examples:

Shipping Documents

You tell Bonsai ERP ™ you have packaged a product ready for shipping. Bonsai ERP ™ could automatically:

  • print the address label
  • print the complete documentation required by your shipping company, so that only a signature needs to be added
  • print the invoice or receipt, automatically knowing which is relevant

If your shipping company supports standard business2business (B2B) computer communications, Bonsai ERP ™ could also inform your shipping company that the parcel is ready for pickup.

All this for an order, with one click.

If your volume of orders is large, you may prefer to package a batch of orders, and tick each one off in Bonsai ERP ™. Then one more click later you have told Bonsai ERP ™ all those ticked are ready for shipping, and Bonsai ERP ™ commences generating the documentation for each package. It can also notify your shipping company to come and pick them all up.

Purchase of Stock

Bonsai ERP ™ notices that you are running low on stock of one or more products. Bonsai ERP ™ can automatically generate purchase orders and, depending on your supplier, automatically send them to your suppliers. Of course, you can oversee this process, and generate or amend pending purchase orders manually.

Once stock arrives, your staff tell Bonsai ERP ™ what items on the purchase order have arrived. If your suppliers uses barcodes, and you have a barcode reader, this could be as simple as your staff scanning the barcode on each incoming box. Bonsai ERP ™ can then automatically generate any inventory tracking document you require, such as your own barcodes. Of course, Bonsai ERP ™ also now knows you have items in stock, and deals appropriately with any waiting backorders.


You have some customers that pay a regular subscription for your services, and other clients that are billed according to the hours you devote to them. You keep timesheets in Bonsai ERP ™, where you regularly tell Bonsai ERP ™ what work you have done for which client, and how long it took.

At regular intervals, which can be different for different clients, Bonsai ERP ™ will automatically generate the correct invoices for both subscription renewals and time worked, as appropriate. Optionally the invoices could also be automatically sent via email or fax.

If you have clients that wish to be automatically billed by credit card, Bonsai ERP ™ can even make an automatic charge to their credit card for the appropriate amount.