Informing Customers

Keeping your customers informed is an important part of maintaining customer loyalty. But often it also takes time and effort. Smaller businesses don’t always have the manpower and tools to ensure their customers are informed.

Bonsai ERP ™ can be configured to automatically send customers emails to keep them informed about the status of their dealings with you.

For example, when used by a retail or product manufacturing business, Bonsai ERP ™ might send emails to:

  • confirm the receipt of their order, and whether the appropriate parts are in stock. An estimated shipping or delivery date can be included.
  • advise of any changes to the estimated shipping date, perhaps due to unexpected delays in supply or manufacturing.
  • advise when the order is shipped, along with any relevant tracking numbers and estimated delivery date.

Should your business involve supply of services, Bonsai ERP ™ can still assist with keeping your customers informed. Bonsai ERP ™ might send emails to:

  • confirm the receipt of a request for services
  • advise when milestones are reached
  • notify that the work has been completed, and is ready for testing/installation/delivery/acceptance, as appropriate

Of course, all these communications are tracked by Bonsai ERP ™, so you can confirm what was said and when.

Alternatively (or in addition), should you choose to install Bonsai ERP ™ on a public-facing server, your customers can have an account within Bonsai ERP ™ which allows them to log in and check the progress of their order or request. They can even initiate orders or requests using their account. Of course, Bonsai ERP’s built-in security prevents them from seeing “behind the scenes” of your business. Those parts of Bonsai ERP ™ have restricted access.