Delivering on Promises to Customers

You are speaking to a customer on the telephone, and you promise you’ll get someone to call them back with the answer to their question. The moment you hang up, someone else rings with an urgent problem. By the time you’ve dealt with that, you’ve completely forgotten about your promise to the first customer.

This is not a good way to keep the loyalty of your existing customers.

While you were on the telephone to the customer, you could have told Bonsai ERP ™ of the customer’s question. You might also have told Bonsai ERP ™ which staff member or group of staff members should call back the customer.

Bonsai ERP ™ would note that further action was needed, and add a reminder in the task list for the relevant person or for every person in the selected group.

If the action was not completed within a specified time, Bonsai ERP ™ would start nagging people to remind them.

In this way, not only would your promise to the customer not be forgotten, but Bonsai ERP ™ would have a record of the question, and of the answer.